Is SEO A Dispensable Marketing Tactic?

A complementary agency and/or collaborator are indisputable. People can associate a search engine optimization expert internally and also have an external service provider. Businesses benefit from the synergies and strengths of both profiles. The project manager leads the SEO strategy by benefiting from the expertise and experience feedback of the service provider, who is in constant contact with the client, both of which are imbued with the challenges and specificity of the project. If natural SEO is the cornerstone of your digital visibility, this is certainly the best choice possible.

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Massive search engine use

As of December 2015, more than 4.7 billion searches were done per day on Google. The algorithms used by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) take into account more than 200 SEO criteria. The majority of these are directly related to the site’s content, architecture and internal and external links. In order to improve its SEO and develop its activities on the web, any company should implement a global strategy to improve visibility and traffic acquisition. This one would necessarily pass through their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a website’s optimization technique through the techniques of natural referencing.

SEO benefits

SEO makes it possible to permanently benefit from targeted and free traffic. This can help businesses take on its share of targeted and free traffic. Owners will not need to pay for advertisements (Google Adwords) to have traffic either. The only consideration remains the payment of its SEO service. The latter generally justifies its costs by the time and the amount dedicated for the optimization of any given website. The traffic generated by a search engine optimization consultant can be converted. According to experts, SEO generates up to 14.8% conversion of Internet users into customers. If a user comes across a site by doing a search in Google, he or she will not only find an instant answer to their question, but also the product or service that can solve his or her problem. SEO makes it possible to increase a business’ turnover. SEO techniques are often judged as essential for obtaining a good place in search engines, presenting an excellent online presence and increasing the long-term visibility of that business on the Internet.

Disadvantages of SEO

Results will not be immediate. To produce remarkable results, people will have to wait several months. The delay may be shorter if they discover a niche area. Taking into account all efforts by the above-named search engines, the process involves indexing a site’s content and its links, which can take several days to process and then count in the SERPS, which ends up being weeks by the time the entire process is finished. Do not lose hope in the first few months because the road that leads to a return on investment is long and tedious. SEO does not guarantee the top spot either. Over 75% of Internet users are content with results that appear on the first search page of Google. Using SEO techniques for a site means it can appear on the first page today and on the second or third tomorrow. People have no guarantee of maintaining their position forever. There is no possibility of controlling the amount of traffic, which means there is no chance of avoiding penalties. A small update to Google or Bing can change everything overnight. Site owners cannot control how much traffic their site will generate. A reliable SEO expert may not work in the long term, which means the person (or company) risks being penalized as soon as a new algorithm appears. To improve the natural referencing of a site, some employ less honest ways that complicate the experience of the surfer. More than ever, Google is implementing techniques to regulate its SEO, especially with regards to linking and mobile users.

New linking practices

One of the first trends in SEO back in 2015 was the evolution of quality content based linking strategy. In other words, one site was obtaining links from relevant sites to improve its positioning on targeted keywords. Google Penguin, the algorithm of the American search engine, is the safeguard of linking on the web. To access a quality site, it is necessary to present relevant content that complies with the rules of the algorithm. If not, know that Google’s algorithm now penalizes links made from previously penalized media. Google engineers are working to run the google penguin filter in near real time.

Realize the inventory of your website

As for a company that is struggling to take off, it is important to do a general audit of its site when it does not generate enough traffic. Thus, the SEO consultant will identify all the factors that can be improved. As a first step, performing a technical audit to help identify the parameters that reduce its visibility is crucial. For example, site owners can control the speed of loading pages on computers, tablets, and smartphones for all browsers. Second, perform an audit of each user’s experience. For example, website owners can ask a few visitors to respond to a mini-survey that objectively identifies the factors that may possibly slow them down during the surfing or purchasing stages. This audit will help owners retain their visitors and convert them into customers.