Should Businesses Hire SEO Experts In-House or Not?

Recruit or go through an SEO expert? This question is a real chestnut tree in the field of SEO. Each one has advantages. For instance, a candidate will emphasize the interest of having a position within the company, he or she will highlight the transfers of possible skills, while an external service provider will praise the flexibility of a subcontractor and have plenty of experience on many issues. And both are right! It all depends on each situation and its coinciding strategy.

The cost of internal recruitment

If a person is considering hiring internally, they should also think about the cost of a good project leader. According to a study in 2015, 44% of SEOs earn between $45,000 and $70,000 per year. People who are interested in becoming a search engine optimization expert will have to position themselves in order to attract skilled collaborators. At this cost, adding software subscriptions is necessary to complete this type of mission. Sometimes you can even find some very useful SEO tools for free. This software should be able to track positions and analyze problems and/or outcomes. This usually costs anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000 per year however there are cheaper tools that work just as well. Any actions to be taken, depending on the scope of the project and the search engine optimization consultant, must coincide with the company’s intentions. If a trainee comes in and learns the ropes for a few months behind the training of an expert, companies will increase their bottom line but also gain a valuable asset. The recruitment of an internal SEO consultant is essential for important projects, and including companies that have a solid SEO budget.

Advantages and challenges of internal recruitment

SEO man

Having an experienced SEO professional is an undeniable fact many companies should not ignore. He or she knows the project and can be easily consulted on all issues that may have SEO implications. This avoids the tragic error to want to gain user experience and integrate new functionalities while ignoring routine SEO mechanisms. It is also useful for a startup that has its own developers. For instance, an in-house referrer can accompany the technical team and validate each SEO project before its deployment phase online. Many responsibilities will rest on the shoulders of this expert, and a bad choice will have serious consequences. A project that starts badly can take months or years to correct. Business owners and managers must be accompanied by a specialized firm to recruit the right employee.

Enhanced flexibility comes with strong expertise

An SEO agency offers more flexibility than an in-house employee, with a greater range in price from a few hundred to several thousand (or more) dollars per month. Specialized agencies have several experts in that have solid expertise, all of which are underpinned by their cross experiences – often several brains are better than one. The challenge is trying to find a permanent fit, either in-house or through an agency. If this is not handled correctly, it can easily become a mismanaged contract or project. It is easier to change SEO agencies than it is to dismiss an employee, so keep this in mind going forward.

Physical distance can sometimes mean less operational functionality

An SEO expert provided by a third-party does not work on the premises (unless there is a need to). However, workers who are hired to perform in-house projects can be considered a permanent tool. People can sometimes suffer from a relative lack of availability by working with an outside agency. It may be complicated to bring together several providers at the same time, in order to reconcile differences with multiple companies or to offer complete legibility to an external agency on a referencing project. Business owners will not be able to count on an agency 35 hours a week (and often double in a start-up): because it has the same profitability obligations as you. Moreover, external agencies often play a role of consulting. But the recommendations given must be implemented, and that means a production cost that is easy to plan. Does the SEO agency ask you to create content? Implement IT developments? These projects are up to the person hired for the position, which means people should allocate resources internally to carry them out.

An external provider for modest projects

If you do not have the resources to recruit a full-time expert, the choice of an external provider, agency or self-employed person is required. Business owners should be vigilant about the person’s availability, their ability to collect and disseminate the right information. The choice of an internal employee can acquire a strong SEO culture. SEO is a transversal discipline and the sharing of skills will be made naturally in the direction of various services, one of which is marketing. If a business has the means, it is a choice that most experts recommend especially if they integrate some type of software development team in-house.